Grief Support

64 Self-Care Ideas For Grievers

  1.  Take a walk.
  2.  Take a nap.
  3.  Smile.
  4.  Read.
  5.  Play: What is play?  It’s any purposeless kind of fun.  
  6.  Get a few minutes of fresh air and sunlight.
  7.  Have a good cry.
  8.  Engage in a game or activity that requires focus.
  9.  Practice patience.
  10.  Practice forgiveness. 
  11.  Practice kindness.
  12.  Practice gratitude
  13.  Plan a night out with friends.
  14.  Establish a better work/life balance.
  15.  Listen to your favorite music playlist.
  16.  Go somewhere that makes you feel at ease.
  17.  Spring clean.
  18.  Take stock of your support system.
  19.  Look through old photographs.
  20.  Have one-on-one time with your children (that means one child at a time).
  21.  Make out.
  22. Or just cuddle.
  23.  See a movie.
  24. Watch funny YouTube videos.  
  25.  Watch other videos on YouTube.
  26.  Read our postsabout watching videos on YouTube.
  27.  Plan a weekend getaway.
  28.  Adopt a pet.
  29.  Treat yourself to a day of relaxation.
  30.  Try a new hobby: Photography / Journaling / Scrapbooking / Cooking / Baking
  31.  Make your annual doctors and dentist appointments.
  32.  Cross something off of your bucket list.
  33.  Get into an exercise routine.
  34.  Cut back on your alcohol intake.
  35.  Be creative.
  36.  Join a support group.
  37.  Seek online grief support.
  38.  Make a plan to start eating healthy.
  39.  Then go eat a piece of chocolateandpour yourself a cup of coffee.
  40.  Get on the floor and play with your kids (or pet).
  41.  Find a quiet place where you can be alone with your thoughts.
  42.  Better yet, try a warm shower or a bubble bath.
  43.  See a counselor or therapist.
  44.  Visit your place of worship and spend time in prayer.
  45.  Join a club or group of any kind.
  46.  Volunteer your time.
  47.  Don’t let things hang over your head.
  48.  Sing at the top of your lungs.
  49.  Or just dance with reckless abandon.
  50.  Open your windows.
  51.  Allow yourself a day of unapologetic sulking.
  52.  Retail Therapy.
  53.  Sttttrrreeeetttccchhhh.
  54.  Comfort someone in their time of need.
  55.  Spend time in a place where you feel close to your deceased loved one(s).
  56.  Play a sport.
  57.  Take a yoga class.
  58.  Find ways to make your workday healthier.
  59.  Phone an old friend.
  60.  Throw your plans out the window and spend a few days schedule-free.
  61.  Practice deep breathing.
  62.  Go for a drive.
  63.  Limit the time you spend on the Internet and Social Media.
  64.  Subscribe to ‘What’s Your Grief’ and then turn off your computer


(From: Retrieved on April 5, 2018)


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